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History Course Descriptions

Henderson County History & Heritage I

Learn about Henderson County from prehistory to 1860. Topics include geography and natural resources, Cherokee and Catawba history and culture, Revolutionary War and treaties with the Cherokee, early settlers and backgrounds, Appalachian culture, political and economic history, agriculture, transportation, religious history, education, early communities, black history, and noteworthy families and people in the early history of the county.

Henderson County History & Heritage II

Explore Henderson County history from 1860 to the early 1900. Topics include the Civil War, Reconstruction, black history, Appalachian culture and stereotypes, political and economic history, industry, agriculture, transportation, religious history, education, tourism, and communities.

Henderson County History & Heritage III

Explore Henderson County History from early 1900 through the 20th century. Topics include the Roaring ‘20s, the Great Depression, World War I and World War II, the Korean War, the post-war era, the Vietnam War and other events to the end of the 20th century. Specifics addressed will include cultural changes, minorities, political and economic history, agriculture, transportation, education, industrialization, communities, and current issues.

Our Cherokee Heritage

Discover our Cherokee heritage as told through stories, myths and sacred legends of the Cherokee. Explore the Seven Clans, how their matrilineal society worked, and their relationship with Transylvania County. Learn about the origin of the Cherokee and the settlement of the Eastern Band in the Qualla Boundary. Discuss the preservation of the Cherokee culture and language, the impact of acculturation, and the importance of racial justice for subjugated populations.

Transylvania County History & Heritage

Discover Transylvania County history and heritage by exploring the period from prehistory to current day. Topics include early settlers and background, first contact with the Cherokee, the Walton War, Appalachian culture, early communities, economic history, transportation, education, and black history. Come learn about the amazing gem known as The Land of the Waterfalls-Transylvania County.


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