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Photography Course Descriptions

Creative Smartphone Photography – NEW

Increase your visual vocabulary and explore personal photography with a smartphone camera or tablet. Maximize natural lighting for serene landscapes, strong portraits, and amazing close-ups. Learn the basic features of your smartphone camera for control over focus, color, contrast, exposure, and related photographic qualities. Use a free, universally compatible photo app to edit shots and explore many creative approaches. Discover other photographers’ work via virtual field trips. Find inspiration, post photos, and even build a community on Instagram.

Learn to Use your iPhone/iPad for Photo

Taking, editing and storing your photos from an iPhone or iPad is easy once you know the basics. Learn to take better photographs, enhance them in the Apple Photos app and store them in iCloud for use across all your mobile devices and MAC or PC computers. Whether you are a seasoned photography pro or a new iPhone/iPad user, you will find this class an enlightening and fun way to create perfect pictures for use in business or personal situations. Bring your own devices with you to class.

Introduction to Digital Photography

Develop an understanding of digital photography and the skills to make successful images regardless if you own a point-and-shoot or a high-end, DSLR camera. You will begin with basic camera functions and then explore the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and exposure. Hands-on demonstrations and a variety of assignments will help you develop your own photographic style. Bring your camera. DSLR with manual settings preferable, but not required.

Introduction to Digital Photography II

Learn techniques and improve your photographic competency in this Level II study of digital photography. For those who have completed Introduction to Digital Photography, or are comfortable using a DSLR in Manual mode, this class is for you. Hands-on demonstration and a variety of assignments will help to further develop your photographic style. Bring a DSLR camera with manual settings to class.

Photographing People and Pets – NEW

Learn how to be able to create better than average photos of friends, family, and pets. In this course, you will be gaining tips on how to get better images. You will also be able to brush up on composition and learn what helps make your photos look even better. This course assumes that you know how to use the different settings of your dSLR or mirrorless camera.

Photographing Waterfalls – NEW

Gain the skills and tips to take more than a basic picture of our local waterfalls. You will learn tips on composing images, how to get that smooth look on waterfalls and what equipment will help make things easier. This course assumes that you know how to use the different settings of your DSLR or mirrorless camera.


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