A student is considered to be making unsatisfactory academic progress when his/her cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0. This student will be placed on academic probation.

A student on academic probation for one semester will be required to complete an Academic Probation Conference with the counselor assigned to his/her academic program before registering for another semester. The notification will be sent to the student by letter.

The Academic Probation Conference

  • The Academic Probation Conference is not a punitive action.
  • This time between student and counselor is meant to be a time of exploration of concerns, problems, or issues that are hampering the student’s successful academic progress, and what solutions might be found.
  • During this conference many solutions might be discussed, including continuing with normal academic load the following semester; reducing the academic load the following semester; the student participating in academic assistance in the form of tutoring, counseling sessions, Student Success Center, or other appropriate resources; or the student changing his/her program of study.
  • The counselors at Blue Ridge may suggest a referral in order that the student might receive more in-depth counseling over a longer period of time.
  • All in all, the student should consider the Academic Probation Conference as a way of discovering means to achieve a more successful academic experience.


  • In certain circumstances, the counselor, in conjunction with the academic advisor, may institute one semester of academic suspension when it appears to be in the best interest of the student.
  • This option will be exercised only after two consecutive semesters of academic probation and when it is clear that another assistance for the student is not appropriate.


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