Your first step is to identify yourself to the Disability Services Office as a student with a disability and request specific accommodations. “Accommodations” include a range of services, equipment, and modifications designed to allow you to do your best. They vary according to the disability, and include such things as recording lectures, having extended exam time, and making classrooms wheelchair accessible.

Your next step is to obtain documentation of your disability and provide this to the Disability Services Office, please allow 3 to 5 business days for review. Documentation from your physician, psychologist, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, or other case manager may be sufficient. If you have a learning disability, head injury, or other impairment which affects your attention, concentration, and/or memory; current and comprehensive documentation by a qualified professional is needed to design your Individualized Accommodation Plan. The plan is based on your documentation and your discussion with the Disability Services Office counselor. Different disabilities require different documentation.

If you suspect that you have a learning disability, attention deficit disorder, or some other condition that impacts your learning, the Disability Services Office may be able to assist in referring you to a qualified professional for testing and diagnosis. Ideally, this should be done well before you enroll in classes. However, consult with the Disability Services Office counselor about the possibility of receiving accommodations while awaiting your test results.

Once you have this documentation, make an appointment with the Disability Services Office counselor to discuss your particular needs. You and your counselor will complete the following:

  • Student Data and Disclosure Form — Basic information about yourself
  • Consent to Release Confidential Information form — Permission to discuss your progress with your instructors
  • IAP — Individual plan for accommodations used while you are a student

These first steps should be taken at least three weeks prior to registration.

Accommodations for placement testing are available. Therefore, it is extremely important to make contact with the Disability Services Office as soon as you have decided to become a Blue Ridge Community College student. Placement testing with accommodations is available by appointment following the submission, review and approval of documentation by the Disability Services Office, to substantiate your accommodation request before testing.

Remember that before you register with Disability Services, you must apply to the College and complete the following:

  • Submit Application
  • Provide Transcripts
  • Schedule and take the Placement Test
  • Apply for Financial Aid, if needed

Disability Services Student Handbook

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