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What Does HyFlex Mean?

The HyFlex model is an innovative approach to instructional delivery that fuses online instruction with face-to-face instruction.

What Does that Mean for Students?

Some students attend class in person with the instructor in the classroom, and others view the lecture and participate in activities from home. Instructors can rotate student attendance, ensuring that all students who desire have the opportunity to to attend class in person. Students also have the option to exclusively attend remotely, if they prefer. As necessary, the HyFlex class can flip to completely online.

How will I know if I am registering for a Hyflex Class?

Faculty will communicate with students before the start date to clarify how and when to attend in-person, remotely, etc. Students should be vigilant in checking their Blue Ridge email for specific information as it applies to them.

HyFlex Course Numbering

HyFlex Courses offered with student flexibility for face-to-face or live remote learning

HyFlex Courses – for full semester Classes:

HyFlex Numbering Day or Evening
751-759 Day, Blended
351-359 Day, Hybrid
761-769 Evening, Blended
361-369  Evening, Hybrid


HyFlex Courses – for 8-Week Mid-Semester Classes:

HyFlex Numbering Campus Day or Evening
451-459 HCC  Day
461-469 HCC Evening
471-479 TCC Day
481-489  TCC Evening
551-559 HCC Day
561-569 HCC Evening
571-579 TCC Day
581-580 TCC Evening