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Blue Ridge Community College encourages all students to reach out to their instructor, advisor, or counselor before making the decision to withdraw. At Blue Ridge, we want you to make decisions that contribute to your success, as there are many resources on campus to assist you in your educational journey.

Students may officially request to withdraw* from their current curriculum courses. However, before requesting a withdrawal, students must understand that a withdrawal may affect their eligibility for Financial Aid, which is determined by the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

To find out if a withdrawal will impact your Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at
(828) 694-1816 or

Important Information to have Before Requesting the Withdrawal

  • Your Name
  • Your Student ID Number
  • Your Email Address
  • The Instructor’s Name
  • The Instructor’s Email Address
  • Course Department, Course Number, and Course Section Number (example: ACA-115-401W)

To initiate this process, please use the following DocuSign form, which will route to your instructor, the Registrar’s Office, and return to you once completed:  Withdrawal Request Form

*Withdrawals requested after the 75% point of the course are processed according to the discretion of the course instructor. Please communicate with your instructor first to see if your withdrawal request is eligible for processing.

For additional information regarding this process, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (828) 694-1794.

Contact Us

Registrar’s Office
Sink Building, Room 121
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