Purpose Statement:

All students in this program are expected to meet certain essential functions/technical standards which are essential for successful completion of all phases of the program and which reflect industry requirements and standards. To verify the students’ ability to perform these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the following technical standards: 

Standard Definition of Standard Example(s) of Technical Standard
1. Critical Thinking Skills Use of judgment and problem-solving

Knowledge of various software and applications

Ability to perform marketing functions

Students will write several lines of code in a game project and use 3D Modeling and Texturing with an interactive level prop to allow for rich backstory and appealing visual design.

Students will also create an Object Interaction Matrix spreadsheet detailing how every game object in a Classic Atari game, like Space Invaders, affect one another.

2. Mobility/Motor Skills Use of computer keyboard

Ability to perform office functions such as sitting for prolonged periods, navigating work stations and office setting

Photoshop assignments will have you sketch illustrations using the Wacom tablets and a Wacom Pen.

Students will engage in animating a character using keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks.

3. Tactile Skills Ability to draw on a computer tablet, and operate a keyboard and mouse. Photoshop assignments will have you sketch illustrations using the Wacom tablets and a Wacom Pen.

Students will engage in animating a character using keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks.

4. Auditory Skills Adequate hearing for lectures, group discussion, and project cooperation. Watching demonstrative videos on content like how to 3D model a temple will be necessary for students to develop their skills.

A discussion of their work in class critiques will be essential to continued learning.

5. Visual Skills Ability to tolerate viewing a computer screen for extended lengths of time.

Ability to view large TV screens during lectures and in class demonstrations

Drawing an illustration in Photoshop, Viewing a Lecture Slide during Presentations, Watching a Live Class Demonstration are all ways students will engage in visual learning while gaining game development skills.
6. Communication Skills Comprehension and understanding of spoken and written language

Students will directly interface with their instructors during lab times and class critiques of student work.

Students will be expected to effectively plan with other students on group projects.

During a Class Critique, an Instructor will ask you why your character possesses certain qualities over others. You are expected to give an answer based on the character’s backstory and lore.

You will work in 3-4 person teams that will need to schedule meeting times outside of class.

7. Interpersonal Skills Students will exhibit professional attitudes towards their instructors, classmates, and game project teammates. Game Development is a group effort. You will have several assignments that task your team to divide up tasks and work together to create game prototypes.
8. Behavioral Skills Students are to maintain hygiene and dress requirements for an office setting.

Students are expected to give proper attention to instructors and classmates when they are lecturing/presenting work.

Students are expected to uphold any posted lab rules.

Students will minimize all irrelevant software and not disrupt whoever is addressing the class. This could be an instructor discussing Industry Jobs, or a student talking about their work during a class critique.

In the case of a qualified individual with a documented disability, appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be made unless to do so would fundamentally alter the essential training elements, cause undue hardship, or produce a direct threat to the safety of the patient or student.

Disability Services Statement

The College has a legal obligation to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. If you have a disability and are seeking accommodations, you should contact the Disability Services Office (Sink Building; 694-1813) and notify your course instructor of your disability as appropriate. Students should initiate this process as soon as possible (prior to the start of classes and/or field experience).