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The Student Success Centers (SSC) provide academic support and tutoring to Blue Ridge Community College students in curriculum and developmental courses through the use of one-on-one instruction, peer and instructor tutoring, computerized instruction, and workshops. A Student Success Center instructor is always available, during Student Success Center open hours, to provide assistance.

Services include:

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For TCC Student Success Center information, please contact Michele Handy at (828) 883-2520 or (828) 694-1906.

Services Available

Instructor Tutoring:

The Writing Center and Math Lab are located in the HCC Student Success Center and are staffed by curriculum instructors to provide additional instruction outside the classroom. Students can drop by for assistance or be referred by an instructor. Instructor tutoring in other subjects, such as computer information technology, is also offered in the Center. Hours of assistance vary each semester according to instructor schedules. Contact the Center for more information.

HCC Student Success Center Tutoring Schedule

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Peer Tutoring Program:

Students who need supplemental instruction in a particular course can receive free tutoring from an instructor-recommended student who excels in the same subject. Tutors are paid by the hour with College funds. Any student interested in receiving tutoring or becoming a tutor can contact the Student Success Center or see an instructor. Peer tutors must have an instructor recommendation to tutor.

Irlen screenings:

Students having difficulties with reading comprehension should contact the Henderson County Campus Student Success Center for a screening. Irlen, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, is a visual-perceptual disorder. Irlen is a type of perceptual processing problem that affects the way the brain perceives and processes visual information. Irlen can be the cause of many reading and other academic problems. Because we are born with Irlen, people often do not know they have it. Indications of Irlen include (but are not limited to) reading comprehension difficulties, headaches when reading, light sensitivity, and problems staying focused. Refer to or phone the HCC Student Success Center for more information.

Student Success Modules

Each semester, the SSC invites Blue Ridge students to attend a variety of live student success workshops on college topics such as test taking strategies, note taking, study skills, time management, and more. Look for flyers advertising the dates and times of the workshops at the beginning of each semester.

Can’t attend a live workshop? Click into the Student Success Modules for short videos of these topics. Elevate your chance of success!




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ThinkingStorm, an online tutoring service, is available free for distance learning and traditional students on both campuses.

Log into myCourses. Find the link to ThinkingStorm inside a course.

Contact Us

Student Success Center at Henderson County Campus
The Student Success Center is now back in its original General Studies Building Room 135 location.
(828) 694-1866

Wanda Gant
Student Success Center Coordinator
(828) 694-1648

View Student Success Center Hours – Henderson County Campus

Student Success Center at Transylvania County Campus
Straus Building Library
(828) 694-1906 or 883-2520

Michele Handy
Student Success Center Coordinator
(828) 694-1906

Student Success Center Hours – Transylvania County Campus:
Call the Center for more information: (828) 694-1906.