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What is Watermark Student Mobile?

Watermark Student is an app for mobile devices designed to help you stay on track to complete your college goals. At Blue Ridge Community College you have a team here to support you on your journey and Watermark Student links you with your team. While instructors are a key component in your success, you also have your advisor, maybe a success coach/career coach, and a counselor invested in your success.

How can Watermark Student help?

It is a tool for communication between you and your support team. You, your advisor, and your success coach/career coach/counselor will get notifications for high and/or low grades, or if your attendance is not where it needs to be for you to be successful.

You can set appointments with your advisor, success coach/career coach, counselor, and your instructors. Your advisor, financial aid, coach, or instructor may send you tasks that need to be completed with links. For instance, if you are eligible for graduation, your advisor might send you a task with the link to complete the application for graduation.

Within Watermark Student, you can see your schedule, your attendance, grades, your advisor, success coach/career coach, counselor, instructor names, and more. If you download the app – it is easy to make an appointment or email any member of your team without needing to search for contact information-we are all a click away.

How can I access this tool?

You can download the Watermark Student App to get notifications and easy access to your schedule, advisor, and success coach. You can also see all the information at Watermark Student Success & Engagement (requires login). Any communication sent through Watermark Student will also be sent to your school email and if selected by the sender, your personal email.

What should I do if I get a notification?

If you get a notification that you have a C or below, it is time to take action. Speak to your instructor, coach, and advisor to see how you can improve your grade.

Your instructors can also make referrals to the Student Success Center, Counseling, Financial Aid, Student Accessibility Services, and Veterans Services if they see you may benefit from any of these resources. Think about this scenario, if you spill milk do you a) Dump the rest out because you have made a mistake and there is no use trying to fix things now. b) Be happy because you have half a glass left and just hope you don’t make the same mistake again, leaving the spilled milk for someone else to clean up. C) Take action, clean up the mess, then take steps to ensure you don’t spill anymore.

Hopefully, you answered C). Your advisor or success coach/career coach or counselor is there to support you in taking the steps to succeed in your coursework. When we reach out, respond, and know you are not alone. We all stumble on our way to our goals, it is how you react that makes all the difference between success and failure.

What can I do in Watermark Student?

  • See notifications of grades
  • See notifications of attendance issues sent to you, your advisor, success coach/career coach, or counselor.
  • Set appointments with your advisor, success coach/career coach, counselor, and others across campus
  • See what tasks with links to help (i.e. scholarship or graduation application), my advisor, instructor, or coach assigned
  • See your schedule
  • Email your instructor, advisor, success coach/career coach, or counselor

Download the Watermark Student Mobile App here:


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