Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2014-2020

A.  Increase STUDENT ACCESS to quality education and training opportunities

  1. Provide flexible course scheduling options
  2. Improve accessibility to training for business and industry
  3. Expand course offerings where a community need exists
  4. Expand the number of programs offered completely online

B.  Improve STUDENT SUCCESS in all levels of course completion and degree attainment

  1. Promote effective and comprehensive advising
  2. Emphasize success in developmental education
  3. Increase retention, completion, and goal attainment
  4. Ensure preparedness for online learning opportunities
  5. Prepare students for successful transition to four-year colleges and universities
  6. Monitor student progress and proactively provide support for early intervention

C.  Develop a TRAINED WORKFORCE that meets the current skills gap in business and industry

  1. Integrate workplace skills into College courses
  2. Increase the number of learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  3. Upgrade classroom and lab equipment to meet industry standards
  4. Expand the opportunities for students to attain industry-recognized credentials
  5. Actively respond to the training needs of business and industry
  6. Increase opportunities for career exploration and progression for students
  7. Establish benchmarks to measure job placement and increased wage earnings of our students and set goals for improvement


Approved September 9, 2013; Effective November 21, 2013; Updated March 21, 2016.


Blue Ridge Community College Planning Guide