Havana Cuba capitol
Havana Cuba street and buildings
Havana Cuba cityscape at night
Havana Cuba capitol and street

Study Abroad

Blue Ridge Community College is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for students to study abroad in April 2020.

This week-long trip will allow students to become more globally competent through education that extends the borders of the classroom and create a deeper level of understanding of the subject matter, the world around us, and how the two are interconnected.

Study Abroad in Havana, Cuba

April 11-18, 2020

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Who can go?

Any student who is enrolled at Blue Ridge Community College.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the trip is $2,000. This covers airfare, lodging, transportation and some meals.

Will there be other expenses?

Yes. Students will need to purchase a passport and consult with their medical practitioner to receive vaccines specific to travel to Cuba. In addition, students must enroll and pay tuition for either HUM 180 or BUS 190. Both are 3 credit hour courses that will follow a similar curriculum. Students will also need funds for snacks, gifts, etc. We recommend budgeting an additional $50 - $60 per day.

Can I use financial aid?

Maybe! It depends on your personal financial aid situation, but it’s possible. Please consult with the financial aid office.

Can I go on the trip without enrolling in the course?

No. You must enroll in the course, which will be offered Spring Semester 2020. The course will meet once per week, tentatively on Wednesdays from 2 to 2:50 p.m. at the Henderson County Campus.

When do I enroll?

You may register during Spring Semester registration which will begin in October 2020.

Is this a guided trip with an agency?

Not exactly. An organization based in the U.S. that coordinates trips to Cuba will help develop our itinerary and arrange lodging. BRCC Faculty member Jack Igelman will lead the trip with another faculty/staff from the College. Currently, there are direct flights from Atlanta, GA to Cuba.

What will we do?

We’ll spend most of our time in Havana, the capital of Cuba. It’s an amazing city with fantastic sites, museums, and a unique culture. In addition, we’ll have numerous meetings with Cubans, including an economist from the University of Havana, an artist, and many others. The trip may also include a side trip to a beautiful valley two hours from the capital. Keep in mind, the itinerary is subject to change.

Where will we stay?

You will share a room with another student in a ​Casa Particular. These rooms are in private homes in which Cubans rent rooms (think Airbnb). They are often very lovely and give you a look into the life of a Cuban home. Typically, breakfast is served in the home.

What’s the next step?

Complete the application form below and the study abroad coordinator will contact you.

Contact Us

Jack Igelman
Business Administration Instructor
Study Abroad Trip Coordinator

(828) 694-1868


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