Teenage girl has a worried expression on her face while taking a math test. Students are in the background.

Tips for Taking the NROC Assessment from EdReady

  • Take your time. The test is not timed. The more time you take, the better you will do.
  • Read the directions carefully. Be sure you understand each set of directions before you begin a test.
  • You must answer each question or select skip. You may change the answer on a particular question before you move ahead to another question. But you can not move back to a question once you have moved on to the following question.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, try to eliminate one or more of the choices, increasing your odds of a rational guess.
  • Stay relaxed. Your score helps you and your advisor determine which courses are most appropriate for your current level of knowledge and skills. Once you identify your academic strengths and needs, you can get help to improve underdeveloped skills
  • Get plenty of rest and have something to eat beforehand. You will be able to concentrate better on the test if you are not sleepy or hungry. Also, arrive a few minutes early so you can find the testing area and bathrooms, and gather your thoughts before the test begins.
  • Remember to bring a picture I.D.

Avoid common mistakes:

  • Misreading the question
  • Not following directions
  • Not eliminating unlikely answers before guessing
  • Rushing unnecessarily

Strategies for Reading Comprehension Tests

  • Read as much of the passage as possible—even if you don’t understand all the words.
  • Read each question and all answer choices.
  • Refer back to the passage to be sure your answer is correct. Some questions test your ability to locate stated information while others test your ability to infer. For example: In what year did..? (you are expected to locate stated information.) Or: The author of the passage probably..? (you are expected to make an educated guess based on the passage.)

Strategies for English Sentence-skills Tests

  • Read all answer choices.
  • Don’t expect to be able to visualize every answer; try rewriting items with each answer choice substituted.

Strategies for Math Tests

  • Use scratch paper.
  • Write out steps, even if the problem looks easy.
  • Check your work.

Remember: Take your time.


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