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Summer Camp Guidelines and Conduct Rules

  • Dress Code: Dress comfortably in long pants, shirts with sleeves, and closed-toe shoes like tennis shoes. Flip flops and sandals are not allowed. There is a chance clothes may get soiled or stained, so don’t wear your favorite clothes to camp.
  • Bring a water bottle with a lid every day. Bring lunch, drinks, and snacks.
  • Campers should not arrive more than 15 minutes early to camp and must be picked up within 15 minutes at the close of camp. Campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp.
  • Blue Ridge Community ARC Campers may bring their personal welding PPE, but instructors have the right to accept or deny use during the camp to ensure all safety guidelines.
  • Follow all directions given by the camp staff and participate in all activities.
  • Be respectful of all staff members, campers, volunteers, students, interns, and guests.
  • Always respect each other’s differences in race, ethnicity, ability, gender identity, size, sexuality, religion, politics, and economic status. Be supportive of one another, especially in regards to individual abilities and creative efforts.
  • No browsing the Internet during workshop time. Turn off cell phones during workshops and classes.
  • No weapons (Swiss Army knives, etc.), cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, or drug consumption or possession on the Blue Ridge Community College premises.
  • No vandalizing or destruction of Blue Ridge Community College property. Respect all equipment properly. Treat it with care.
  • No destruction or stealing of others’ property, including the touching of others’ personal belongings without their permission.
  • No fighting or offensive language.
  • No violence of any kind. Bullying will not be tolerated.

Summer Camp Refund Policy

Registration fees for any summer camp can only be refunded if the registration is officially canceled thirty days prior to the first day of the camp. There will be no refund of camp registration if a request is made after this point.

To officially cancel a summer camp registration the responsible party must go through Eventbrite and follow the procedure for canceling a registration.

Refunds will be made by Eventbrite directly.

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