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The Business & Banking Apprenticeship Program allows eligible high school graduates and adult learners to earn money and get experience for a job after completion. The program is a collaborative effort of Blue Ridge Community College, Henderson County Public Schools, the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce, and local employers working together in support of students.

The Business & Banking Apprenticeship program is a registered North Carolina Apprenticeship with the N.C. Department of Labor.

The deadline to apply for the 2022 year is April 22, 2022 at 5 p.m.
Use the form below to fill out the application.

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  • Length of Program: One Year. Three Semesters (Fall ’22- Summer ’23) and 2,000 hours at work.
  • Eligibility: May 2022 High School Graduates and Adult Learners.
  • Tuition: Free. Plus, you’ll get PAID to attend class.
  • Starting Pay: $13.00. Increases every semester. Pay after completion: $15.00
  • 6 College Classes: 18 Credits total. Earn a Certificate in Business!
  • Schedule: Class one day a week. Work four days a week at one of the partner businesses.
  • Stackable: Want to keep taking classes to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree? These classes will count toward your goal!



To apply for the Business & Banking Apprenticeship, complete the form below.

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