Three students handle a hose while spraying a fire in an enclosed pit with an instructor looking on

Certifications Offered

  • Firefighter I & II
  • Driver Operator
  • Driver Operator/Aerials
  • Technical Rescuer
  • Fire Instructor (I & II)
  • Fire Officer (I & II)
  • Fire & Life Safety Educator (I, II, & III)
  • Fire Inspector (I, II, & III)

Fire and Rescue Training Course Schedules



Classes are designed to prepare students to become either a firefighter or a rescue technician. Skills learned will be for entry-level firefighter or rescue technician. There are also more advanced classes offered. Check the schedule for class dates.


  • Firefighter
  • Rescue Technician

Annual Salaries

  • Firefighter: $24,000 – $48,000
  • Rescue Technician: $24,000 – $48,000

The Results

  • IFSAC Accreditation
    North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal
  • Certifications
  • Competencies
    These classes all meet or exceed the requirements as set forth by the North Carolina State Fire Marshal’s Office for each individual class.

Contact Us

Brad Toms
Chair, Fire Protection Technology/Emergency Management
(828) 694-1736