Purpose Statement:

All students in this program are expected to meet certain essential functions/technical standards which are essential for successful completion of all phases of the program and which reflect industry requirements and standards. To verify the students’ ability to perform these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the following technical standards: 

Standard Definition of Standard Example(s) of Technical Standard
1. Critical Thinking Skills Critical thinking ability sufficient for clinical judgment

General understanding of salon and cosmetology guidelines and practices

Use of judgment and problem-solving

Application of ethical standards

Understanding of health and safety guidelines

Identify cause and effect relationship in clinical situations

Assimilate knowledge from lecture, laboratory, and clinical areas

Retain factual information and use it appropriately

Develop professional suggestions for salon services and treatment plans

2. Mobility/Motor Skills Physical abilities sufficient to move around the simulated salon setting and treatment areas and use laboratory equipment, as well as perform required steps for all services

Tolerance for working with various chemicals

Ability to stand for prolonged periods, navigating work stations and salon settings

Ability to utilize sharp instruments such as razors and scissors; and salon equipment

Ability to multi-task

Time management skills

Physical health sufficient to perform and receive salon services

Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective salon services

Move around clinical space and equipment. Stretch, bend, stand, and elevate arms for a long period of time

Have stamina to stand and ambulate around the simulated salon environment for long periods of time

Use equipment appropriately

Use thermal treatment applications

Assist clients with transfer and movement into shampoo chairs

Drape appropriately. Promote sanitation and safety.

3. Tactile Skills Skills necessary to complete cosmetology procedures in a timely manner

Tactile feeling to assess client need

Perform procedures taught and required by the NC State Board in a timely manner. Example: Perform a basic 90 degree haircut in 30 minutes.

Student can feel changes in texture of hair and skin which is needed to properly access and perform needed services.

4. Auditory Skills Auditory abilities sufficient for following instructions/directions and assessment of services for clients in a simulated salon Observe and listen to client in the consultation phase.

Observe and respond to client during salon service phase. Educate client post-service phase.

5. Visual Skills Visual abilities sufficient for following instructions/directions and assessment of services for clients in a simulated salon Observe client in the consultation phase.

Observe and respond to client during salon service phase. Educate client post-service phase.

6. Communication Skills Communication abilities sufficient for interaction with others in verbal and written form.

Ability to communicate orally with others

Ability to communicate effectively in writing

Comprehension and understanding of spoken and written language including the unique verbiage used in the industry for scope of practice.

Collect assessment data. Explain salon services and procedures. Read instructions accurately. Document and interpret salon services developed, prescribed, and performed.

Verbalize to clients the details of the various services as well as proper home maintenance

Work as a team member in the salon environment

7. Interpersonal Skills Abilities sufficient to interact and work with individuals from a variety of social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds

Ability to work with others

Maintaining hygiene and dress requirements for a salon setting

Ability to listen to others and determine their wants and needs

Ability to adapt to changing environments and work-related challenges

Establish rapport with clients, colleagues, members of the business community, and other salon professionals

Demonstrate patience and empathy with clients

Demonstrate delivery of required salon services with a variety of individuals

8. Behavioral Skills Display of good character, friendliness in multiple situations and circumstances

Develop professional relationships with peers, clients and management through application of soft skills such as cooperation, discussion, and negotiation

Work in the salon setting with clients and others to build clientele and positive working relationships

In the case of a qualified individual with a documented disability, appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be made unless to do so would fundamentally alter the essential training elements, cause undue hardship, or produce a direct threat to the safety of the patient or student.

Accessibility Services Statement

The College has a legal obligation to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. If you have a disability and are seeking accommodations, you should contact the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office (Sink Building; (828) 694-1813; access@blueridge.edu). Students can contact SAS at any time, however they are encouraged to initiate this process as soon as possible (prior to the start of classes and/or field experience).