Purpose Statement:

All students in this program are expected to meet certain essential functions/technical standards which are essential for successful completion of all phases of the program and which reflect industry requirements and standards. To verify the students’ ability to perform these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the following technical standards: 

Standard Definition of Standard Example(s) of Technical Standard
1. Critical Thinking Skills Ability to apply facts and knowledge to develop a solution to a problem Diagnose a pest problem

Design a functional landscape

Choose a method for propagating a plant

2. Mobility/Motor Skills Physical ability to reasonably perform required tasks Ability to use hand and small power tools, such as a string trimmer, shovel, or pruners

Able to work in various environmental conditions such as heat, cold, or wet weather

Able to use electronic devices such as a computer or cell phone

3. Tactile Skills Ability to perform fine motor skill tasks Write legibly

Perform a graft type

Sketch a design

4. Auditory Skills N/A N/A
5. Visual Skills Visual ability for identifying details, using equipment, hand/eye coordination Ability to identify plant material

Diagnose pest problems

Safely operate equipment

6. Communication Skills Ability to convey information through written and verbal form Use technical language as it pertains to horticulture

Ability to draw and interpret a landscape plan

Compose a proposal/bid for a landscape installation

7. Interpersonal Skills Able to interact with others in a professional manner while conducting business Listening to clients, employers, and co-workers

Teamwork on a landscape installation

Taking responsibility for tasks assigned

8. Behavioral Skills Demonstrate a mature, responsible attitude toward others within the workplace Being self-motivated to complete tasks with minimal questions

Perform quality work with efficiency

Dependability-showing up for work on time and with regularity

In the case of a qualified individual with a documented disability, appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be made unless to do so would fundamentally alter the essential training elements, cause undue hardship, or produce a direct threat to the safety of the patient or student.

Accessibility Services Statement

The College has a legal obligation to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. If you have a disability and are seeking accommodations, you should contact the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office (Sink Building; (828) 694-1813; access@blueridge.edu). Students can contact SAS at any time, however they are encouraged to initiate this process as soon as possible (prior to the start of classes and/or field experience).