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Blue Ridge announces Fall 2021 Dean’s List

The following students, listed with program of study and county of residence, were named to the Dean’s List at Blue Ridge Community College for Fall Semester 2021. To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must be a full-time student with a minimum grade point average of 3.50.

Buncombe County
Deja Benton, Criminal Justice Technology
Emily Bolick, Business Administration
Kelly Burgess, Office Administration
Chaney Davila, Public Safety Administration
Allison Emery, Associate in Arts
Sara Goodwin, Horticulture Technology
Leah Griesmann, Associate in Arts
Jose Gutierrez, Public Safety Administration
Emilee Harper, Teacher Preparation
Caesy Hernandez, Associate in Arts
Alixandra Lowenstein, Early Childhood Education
Kai Luxenberg, CCP Associate in Engineering
Margaret Parran, Human Services Technology
Priscilla Quinlan, Horticulture Technology
Jared Russell, Information Technology
Vicki Stearns, Horticulture Technology
Morgan Thomas, Early Childhood Education
Eric Voncannon, Information Technology
Joshua Walker, Associate in Arts
Alexandra Whitaker, Early Childhood Education

Cleveland County
Savannah Goodman, Business Administration

Cumberland County
Klijah Mitchell, Interpreter Education

Haywood County
David Blackburn, Fire Protection Technology
Jacob Lash, Horticulture Technology
Kyle Snowden, Information Technology

Henderson County
Brianna Allen, Human Services Technology
Christian Anderson, Associate in Science
Michelle Anderson, Teacher Preparation
Joshua Bagwell, Film and Video Production Technology
Christiaan Ballard, Associate in Arts
Caden Barnwell, Automotive Systems Technology
Parker Barnwell, Automotive Systems Technology
William Barnwell, Associate in Science
Grace Batchelder, Associates in General Education
Rachel Becker, Associate in Arts
Brittany Bell, Associate in Science
Ryan Best, Information Technology
Grant Billingsley, Associate in Arts
Gabriel Black, Associate in Science
Matthew Blevins, Associate in Arts
Christopher Branche, Automotive Systems Technology
Seth Brown, Associate in Engineering
Jenna Buchanan, Teacher Preparation
Hannah Buckman, Early Childhood Education
Kaden Burnette, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Cameron Burrell, Criminal Justice Technology
Riley Byrd, Associate in Arts
Juliana Capps, Associates in General Education
Sarah Carpenter, Business Administration
Neftali Casimiro-Sandoval, Associate in Science
Janet Casperson, Associate in General Education
Madison Cestaro, Office Administration
Mikayla Chapman, Associate in Science
Michael Cochran, Welding Technology
Kevin Colin-Solano, Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre
Christopher Condrey, Information Technology
Pedro Convento, Criminal Justice Technology
Dylan Corn, Associate in Arts
Elizabeth Cox Maskins, Office Administration
Dawson Crowder, Business Administration
Matana Dalton, Business Administration
Michael Dalton, Associate in Arts
Nicole De Rosa, Teacher Preparation
Ronald Diaz, Public Safety Administration
Adriana Diaz Anastacio, Associate in Arts
Freddy Diaz-Barbosa, Automotive Systems Technology
Ashley Dodd, Teacher Preparation
Matthew Dunbar, Associate in Arts
Svetlana Eastman, Associate in Arts
Dallas Edwards, Associate in Science
Madalynn Elliott, Associate in Science
Jacquelyn Elmore, Associate in Arts
Krissy Eudy, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Leah Fibraio, Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre
Justin Fralick, Associate in Science
Kimberly Franke, Surgical Technology
Lori Franklin, Accounting and Finance
Vincent Franklin, Associate in Science
Chelsea Fritog, Human Services Technology
Jesse Gerard, Associate in Science
Hayden Gilbert, Associate in Arts
Thomas Gilmore, Human Services Technology
Katherine Grady, Criminal Justice Technology
Hannah Grubb, Teacher Preparation
Jason Gunn, Fire Protection Technology
Sawyer Hall, Associate in Arts
Hannah Harris, Associate in Arts
Morgan Hart, Teacher Preparation
William Harvey, Associate in Arts
Anna Hatten, Interpreter Education
Blake Hawkins, Associate in Arts
Jennifer Hedden, Cosmetology
Kenneth Helseth, Accounting and Finance
Jeremiah Higginbotham, Associate in Arts
Myla Highfield, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Troy Hofgesang, Associate in Science
Alexandra Hradilova, Associate in Science
Natalia Hunter, CCP Nursing
Stephanie Hutchins Payne, Cosmetology
Danielle Jeffery, Associate in Arts
Jaqese Johnson, Associate in Arts
Sydney Justice, Associate in Arts
Ian Kantner, Associate in Science
Taryn Keyzer, ssociate in Science
Keith Kilpatrick, Business Administration
Ericka King, Human Services Technology
Hayden King, Associate in Arts
Ryan Lagadi, Information Technology
Kamden Lance, Associate in Arts
Henry LeBlanc, Associate in Science
Ella Lewison, Associate in Science
Margaret Loescher, Information Technology
Terry Longworth, Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre, Film and Video Production Technology
Giselle Lopez, Cosmetology
Natalie Lopez-Luis, Associate in Arts
Maria Lozano, Associate in Science
Kaiya Mann, Associate in Science
Austin Marshall, Film and Video Production Technology
Josue Martinez, Associate in Arts
Humberto Martinez-Aguilar, Associate in Science
Chelsey Martinez-Maya, Associate in Arts
Rachel Maxwell, Accounting and Finance
Sara McCall, Associates in General Education
Hannah McIntyre, Associate in Science
Matthew McKenzie, Associate in Science
Wanda McMinn, Accounting and Finance
Kira McSweeney, Cosmetology
Marietta Melendez, Horticulture Technology
Emily Messer, Surgical Technology
Julia Mikhail, Associate in Science
Alexandra Mills, Early Childhood Education
Daisy Moffitt, Teacher Preparation
Antonia Moreno Jimenez, Accounting and Finance
Josh Myers, Information Technology
Aiden Nelsen, Associate in Science
Ella Neve, Associate in Science
Hannah Newman, Associates in General Education
Cristina Nieto-Lopez, Early Childhood Education
Madeline Nossiter, Business Administration
William Oates, Associate in Arts
Nicolas Okpych, Associate in Arts
Ella Oursler, Associate in Arts
Madison Owens, Associate in Arts
Ashley Parks, Accounting and Finance
Grace Pearce, Associate in Science
Arely Perez, Associate in Arts
Giovanni Perlain, Associate in Science
Calvin Pettis, Associate in Science
Gray Pinkston, Associate in Arts
Amber Pridmore, Associate in Arts
Hannah Queen, Associate in Science
Angel Ramirez, Associate in Arts
Skye Ray, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Jordan Rector, Associate in Arts
Phillip Rhodes, Horticulture Technology
Kolby Rice, Associate in Arts
Coleman Ridenour, Associate in Science
Patrick Ridgeway, Criminal Justice Technology
Bruno Roselli, Information Technology
Erin Rummel, Business Administration
Christine Samotis, Associate in Arts
Jose Santeliz-Cifuentes, Associate in Science
Pearlie Scott, Human Services Technology
Rhonda Scott, Business Administration
Angelica Sharpe, Business Administration
Mason Sharpe, Welding Technology
Noah Shumway, Associate in Science
Jennifer Siegert, Teacher Preparation
Benjamin Sitton, Automotive Systems Technology
Jared Sitton, Associate in Science
Jean Solt, Associate in General Education
Briana Sosa-Trejo, Associate in Science
Jennifer Soto Landaverde, Associate in Arts
John Sparks, Associate in Science
Graceanne Spence, Business Administration
Amanda Spurlin, Associate in Science
Claire Stansberry, Associate in Arts
Ethan Stepp, Associate in Science
Danielle Still, Associate in Science
Dylan Stokes, Associate in Science
Katheryn Stowe, Associate in Science
Ralph Streadwick, Associate in Science
Gavin Strickland, Associate in General Education
Devin Sudderth, Associate in Science
Zachary Swekosky, Associate in Arts
Taylor Tipton, Accounting and Finance
Garett Tribett, Associate in Science
Yareli Tuco-Perez, Associate in General Education
Gracie Tyler, Associate in Arts
Casey Varble, Associate in Arts
Emma Waggoner, Business Administration
Jessica Walker, Accounting and Finance
Grace Walters, Associates in General Education
Kaitlyn Watts, Criminal Justice Technology
Tomas White, Associate in Engineering
Dawson Williams, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Jordan Williams, Welding Technology
Heath Wines, Associate in Engineering
Elizabeth Wofford, Teacher Preparation
Shawn Woodring, Accounting
MaryGrace Youngblood, Associate in Arts

Hoke County
Bianca Harold, Interpreter Education
Sophia Hilliard-Durham, Interpreter Education

Iredell County
Christopher Clark, Associate in Science

Jackson County
Faith Potts, Interpreter Education

McDowell County
Jeffrey Link, Automotive Systems Technology, Collision Repair and Refinishing
Travis Toney, Emergency Medical Science

Polk County
Paula Aguilera-Johnson, Business Administration
Daniel Barrett, Information Technology
Danielle Billings, Horticulture Technology
Brittany Britton, Associate in Science
Jason Burton, Automotive Systems Technology
Macii Jackson, Associates in General Education
Aimee Schott, Associates in General Education
Emma Stewart, Horticulture Technology
Zachary Stone, Associate in General Education
Riley Taylor, Automotive Systems Technology
Saxton Tickle, Associate in Engineering
Emma Watkins, Associate in Science

Rutherford County
Benjamin Clay, Associates in General Education

Spartanburg, South Carolina
Samantha Paige, Associates in General Education

Transylvania County
Danielle Adcock, Associate in Arts
Jenna Aiken, Associate in Arts
Biancamaria Arredondo-Walsh, Office Administration
Laurie Benton, Horticulture Technology
Khloe’ Bickford, Business Administration
Jennifer Boldin, Information Technology
Jacquelyn Brant, Business Administration
Brittany Carlton, Early Childhood Education
Matthew Case, Automotive Systems Technology
Caitlin Caudle, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Joshua Chandler, Associate in Engineering
Tristan Chappell, Teacher Preparation
Cannon Clark, Automotive Systems Technology
Talyn Clark, Associate in Arts
Felicitas Couvillon, Associates in General Education
Samuel Coyne, Associate in Science
Sarah Cudd, Associate in Arts
Alex Eberhardt, Associate in Science
Natalie Fletcher, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Justine Folston, Automotive Systems Technology
Amy Franks, Associates in General Education
Tiffany Galloway, Early Childhood Education
Carrie Gasperson, Business Administration
Robert Gentile, Associate in Arts
Heather Goede, Information Technology
Ruby Gonzalez-Perez, Associate in Arts
Alexander Graham, Associate in Engineering
Sidney Hensley, Accounting and Finance
Andrew Hobbs, Associate in Science
Joshua Hoxit, Horticulture Technology
Kalie Jones, Automotive Systems Technology
Jazzmyn Kitchen, Associate in Arts
Russell Knox, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Dylan McCall, Associate in Arts
Ashlyn McGinnis, Associate in Science
Chellbie Messer, Associates in General Education
Shelley Mull, Automotive Systems Technology
Colton Newman, Accounting and Finance
Dylan O’Neill, Associate in Engineering
Chaunci Pirhalla, Associates in General Education
Jessica Reigle, Accounting and Finance
Lacie Rose, Horticulture Technology
Lindsay Schwartz, Associate in Science
Katharine Scott, Associate in Science
Natalie Simpson, Criminal Justice Technology
Gabrielle Smith, Accounting and Finance
Toni Stanley, Associates in General Education
Ryan Taunton, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Sydney Tomlin, Associate in Arts
Braeden Toole, Automotive Systems Technology
Mary Tremba, Office Administration
Adam Waldrop, Associate in Arts
Daniel Walker, Film and Video Production Technology
Abby Warren, Associate in Science
Sebastian Williams, Electronics Engineering Technology

Watauga County
Rhiannon Shuman, Associate in Arts

Yancey County
Emma Benfield, Associate in Science
Shaina Harris, Public Safety Administration