Members of the 2023 Class of Vision Henderson County tour the Spearman Building on Blue Ridge Community College's Flat Rock campus.

Vision Henderson County Tours Blue Ridge Community College

Featured Photo: Members of the 2023 Class of Vision Henderson County listen to Blue Ridge instructor Jason Rogers explain computer-integrated machining.

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Vision Henderson County visited Blue Ridge Community College on November 10, 2022, as a part of its tour through Henderson County.

Vision Henderson County is presented by The Henderson County Chamber of Commerce and Blue Ridge Community College. Started in 1996, the leadership program is designed to “develop community leaders, promote networking, teach leadership styles, explore local issues, enhance critical thinking, and further economic development.”

The program consists of monthly classes throughout the course of nine months and covers topics like history, government, economic development, law enforcement/emergency services, health care, manufacturing, education, and environment.

Blue Ridge and Vision Henderson County share goals regarding the exploration of issues facing Henderson County, solving community problems, and envisioning the future. Heisey said Blue Ridge and Vision Henderson County are directly connected through this combination of leading our area from the present into the future.

“Leadership becomes even more important when there is uncertainty in the economy, rising prices, employee recruitment challenges, and supply chain issues,” Heisey said.

The 36 members of Vision Henderson County’s 2023 class toured the campus and classes directly after the first annual Henderson County Leadership Conference. During the tour, college leaders demonstrated aspects of the student experience, including the One Stop where students can take care of all administrative needs in a single location.

The Spearman Building was highlighted during the tour, as it houses multiple programs. Each section of the building provides real-world training to students in their designated area of innovation: engineering, automotive and transportation, brewing, welding, machining, and manufacturing. Also highlighted on the tour was the Patton Building, the newest addition to the Henderson County Campus, which opened in July 2022.

Feedback about the Henderson County Leadership Conference was positive. One requested more seats for next year and said several people in their organization would like to attend in 2023.

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