Paramedic student and Henderson County firefighter Jonathan Price in the Patton Building.

#BlueRidgeGrad: Jonathan Price

Featured photo: Paramedic student and Henderson County firefighter Jonathan Price in the Patton Building. (Photo by Emily Gill, Marketing & Communications Dept.)

Emily Gill

Marketing & Communications Dept.

At Blue Ridge Community College’s Fall 2023 Public Safety Training graduation, paramedic student and Henderson County firefighter Jonathan Price will add another certification to his impressive collection.

Price previously obtained two associates degrees, one in general education and the other in criminal justice, before completing his bachelor’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management from Western Carolina University. He also holds a firefighter level two certification, EMT certification, and numerous rescue specialty certifications.

Price says he wanted to complete Blue Ridge’s paramedic program to better serve his community and because he personally knows several excellent paramedics who graduated from the program.

“I wanted to be better prepared to help people in the field of prehospital emergency medicine,” Price said. “As I currently work in the field as a firefighter full-time and with Emergency Medical Services part-time, I wanted to be able to do more to help people.”

Beyond that, Price appreciates that Blue Ridge prepares students to go straight to work because of realistic training that gives back to the community.

“Blue Ridge has provided me with the tools needed to succeed and become a competent paramedic and prehospital care provider to help those who depend on us in their time of need,” Price said. “I feel as though I am ready to help those who need us, and it is all thanks to the experience of the instructors and faculty at Blue Ridge, as well as the preceptors that we have learned from throughout the duration of the paramedic program.”

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