Three students with Blue Ridge Community College President Dr. Leatherwood; all smiling, in caps, gowns and masks

Blue Ridge Community College hosts five in-person graduation ceremonies

In honor of its Spring 2021 graduates, Blue Ridge Community College hosted five in-person graduation commencement ceremonies on May 8.

At each ceremony, Blue Ridge President Dr. Laura Leatherwood provided opening remarks and all students’ names were read aloud.

The ceremony start times were organized alphabetically by the first letter of the students’ last name. A – Crettol at 9 a.m.; Cruz – K at 9:45 a.m.; L – Pickard at 10:30 a.m.; Ponce-Moreno – Sutton at 11:15 a.m.; and Sweet – Z at 12 p.m.

Leatherwood stated, “Our graduates have worked incredibly hard through an entirely unpredictable year to get to this moment. We are so proud of you. I wish you all the best.”

Tribute Video for Our Graduates

Videos of the Graduation Ceremonies
View videos based on ceremony start times and alphabetical by last name.


The list of student graduates included:

Bladen County
Robert Bryant, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing
Buncombe County
Tatiana Argueta, Community Spanish Interpreter
Candice Barker, Office Administration-Basic Office
Patricia Butler, Esthetics Technology
Jarrett Cunningham, Information Technology-Support & Services
Abigail Emery, College Transfer
Elizabeth Hebert, Early Childhood Education-Career Entry
Brianna Howley, Interpreter Education
Angela Leicht, Business Administration
Josephine Maita, Interpreter Education-Fundamentals of ASL
Colton Putnam, Theatre
Mary Rollins, Business Administration-Graphic Design
Elizabeth Schaub, Interpreter Education
Kaitlyn Ward, Associate Degree Nursing
Laylah Weaver, Associate Degree Nursing
Alexis Hartley, Accounting & Finance
Cleveland County
Cody Brackett, Emergency Medical Science
Amanda Cooper, Accounting & Finance
Haywood County
Jazmyn Hampton, Interpreter Education
Jazmyn Hampton, Interpreter Education
Jazmyn Hampton, Interpreter Education-Fundamentals of ASL
Henderson County
Sarah Adcock, College Transfer
Guadalupe Aguilar-Gaona, College Transfer
Armani Aiken, Office Administration-Medical Office
Melanie Akers, College Transfer
Jaime Alanis, College Transfer
Ireri Alejos-Santos, Associate Degree Nursing
Troy Allison, Welding Technology
Jovani Andrade, College Transfer
Kathy Angeles-Solano, College Transfer
Lee Arrington, Associate Degree Nursing
Balasingam Balakrishnan, College Transfer
Corey Barton, Information Technology-Support & Services
Jacquelyn Bates, Accounting
Jacquelyn Bates, Office Administration
Kayla Bennett, College Transfer
Carl Bowne, Simulation & Game Development
Rebecca Brewer, Early Childhood Education
Mary Bugg, Associate Degree Nursing
Ashlie Bumgarner, Business Administration
Daniel Calvillo, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Richard Carland, College Transfer
Camden Carter, College Transfer
Landon Coley, College Transfer
William Coley, College Transfer
Gage Comeaux, College Transfer
Jessica Correa, College Transfer
Owen Crettol, College Transfer
Owen Crettol, Accounting & Finance-Accounting & Finance Core
Sergio Cruz, College Transfer
Ashley Culbertson, Associate Degree Nursing
Kourtney Davis, Business Administration-Banking & Finance
Rebecca Dragonetti, Associate Degree Nursing
Heidi Duarte, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing
Thomas Elliott, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing
Colby Eudy, College Transfer
Bailey Foster, College Transfer
Sarah Freeman, Theatre
Reagan Gage, College Transfer
Nicole Garavaglia, Associate Degree Nursing
Karina Garcia-Avalos, College Transfer
Trisha Glenn, Welding Technology
Alyssa Godwin, College Transfer
Michelle Gossett, Office Administration
Madison Gray, Esthetics Technology
Brianna Hall, Accounting & Finance
Cara Hall, Associate Degree Nursing
Chloe Hallman, Theatre
Hannah Hansen, College Transfer
Indigo Hansen, Visual Arts
Indigo Hansen, Business Administration-Basic
Brandon Hardesty, Computer-Integrated Machining
Troy Hare, College Transfer
Jacob Hensley, College Transfer
Juan Herrera Palomo, Computer-Integrated Machining-Manufacturing Technician
Juan Herrera Palomo, Computer-Integrated Machining-Plastic Injection Molding
Jonathan Higginbotham, College Transfer
Patrick Hipkins, College Transfer
Elias Hord, College Transfer
Austin Hudson, College Transfer
Bethanee Hughes, Associate Degree Nursing
James Johnston, College Transfer
Lilith Jones, Visual Arts
Connor Keith, College Transfer
Andrew Kilby, Criminal Justice Technology
Nathaniel Knox, College Transfer
Christopher Krepela, College Transfer
Derek Krepela, College Transfer
Allyson Lampke, College Transfer
Kendra Lancaster, Interpreter Education
Franklin Laughter, Fire Protection Technology
Nicholas Lewis, College Transfer
Axel Lopez, College Transfer
Alondra Lopez-Vargas, College Transfer
Tahje’ Lowe, Early Childhood Education-Career Entry
Alan Luecke, College Transfer
Kathleen Martin, Esthetics Technology
Mary Maybin, Associate Degree Nursing
Dathan McKinney, Welding Technology-Industrial Welding
William McMinn, Welding Technology
Shonna Medford, Accounting
Amy Melendez, College Transfer
Carlos Mendoza, College Transfer
Bright Mensah, Associate Degree Nursing
Angela Merchey, Esthetics Technology
Shawn Metcalf, Criminal Justice Technology
Madelyn Montgomery, Associate Degree Nursing
Todd Montgomery, Jr., College Transfer
Colton Morgan, College Transfer
Lucas Myers, Computer-Integrated Machining
Jennifer Nieto, College Transfer
Alivia Nix, College Transfer
Mark Opperman, Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development
Fernando Ordonez, College Transfer
Karen Osornio, Community Spanish Interpreter
Ryan Osteen, College Transfer
Kaitlyn Owens, Nursing
Erik Page, College Transfer
Amayrani Perez Gardoza, Computer-Integrated Machining-Manufacturing Technician
Eduardo Perez-Ibarra, College Transfer
Luis Perez-Ortega, Associate Degree Nursing
Audrey Perkins, Accounting & Finance
Caroline Pickard, Business Administration
Juan Ponce Mejia, College Transfer
Omar Ponce-Moreno, College Transfer
Tanner Queen, College Transfer
Izabelle Racine, College Transfer
Emoree Rasheed, Esthetics Technology
Giselle Rebollar, College Transfer
Danielle Reyes, Associate Degree Nursing
Stefy Reyes-Olmedo, College Transfer
Bianca Reynolds, Associate Degree Nursing
Christian Rico-Lopez, College Transfer
Matthew Ridenour, Accounting & Finance
Sofia Rivera, College Transfer
Karen Rojas Gonzaléz, Community Spanish Interpreter
Grayson Romstadt, College Transfer
Jose Ruiz, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Elizabeth Schilken, Interpreter Education-Fundamentals of ASL
Nickolas Schmieder, College Transfer
Carlyn Shaw, College Transfer
Cody Shelton, Automotive Systems Technology
Angela Sides, Associate Degree Nursing
Anya Silvers, Information Technology-Support & Services
Cristopher Silvey, Simulation & Game Development
Jasmine Sotelo-Melendez, College Transfer
Dylan Sperry, College Transfer
Rebecca Stitz, Associate Degree Nursing
Madison Sutton, College Transfer
Lindsey Sweezy, Emergency Medical Science
Rachel Taylor, Horticulture Technology
Aspen Thompson, College Transfer
Gabriel Thompson, Accounting & Finance
Hanna Thompson, College Transfer
Reva Thompson, Associate Degree Nursing
Angeles Vazquez-Coeto, Community Spanish Interpreter
Jose Vences, College Transfer
Jonah Walton, College Transfer
Samantha Walton, College Transfer
Annalee Washburn, College Transfer
Nathan Waters, College Transfer
Izabella Watson, College Transfer
Ali Webster, Associate Degree Nursing
Colby Wells, Horticulture Technology
Madison Wheatley, Criminal Justice Technology
Benjamin Williams, College Transfer
Trevor Williams, Criminal Justice Technology
Fatima Wood, Associate Degree Nursing
Owen Young, College Transfer
Tyleana Young, Associate Degree Nursing
Yaritza Zazueta-Garcia, College Transfer
McDowell County
Matthew Lonon, Emergency Medical Science
Mecklenburg County
Ashley Smith, Accounting & Finance
Polk County
Andrew Gregory, College Transfer
Rhonda Mills, Associate in General Education
Kiara O’Shields, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing
Shelia Renaud, Office Administration
Mackenzie Ruder, Associate Degree Nursing
Carol Rene’ Shigley-Arkell, Associate Degree Nursing
Rutherford County
Consuelo Lopez, Community Spanish Interpreter
Transylvania County
Richmond Bullock, Automotive Systems Technology
John Bynum, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Jessica Chandler, College Transfer
Jessica Cole, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing
Tabitha Conley, Accounting & Finance-Bookkeeping I
Savanna Cook, College Transfer
Kristy DeVaughn, Accounting & Finance
Iris Deyman, College Transfer
Amelia Douglas, Accounting & Finance
Kaitlyn James, College Transfer
Amber Lynch, Esthetics Technology
NyJeya Macon, Office Administration
Ragan McCall, College Transfer
Amanda Miller, Business Administration
Emily Owen, College Transfer
Samantha Queen, Surgical Technology
Sarah Scott, Business Administration
Whitney Sexton, Associate Degree Nursing
Jacob Shea, College Transfer
Daniel Shook, College Transfer
Jasmine Sipe, College Transfer
Caleb Smith, College Transfer
Zebulon Sweet, Welding Technology
Dalton Teso, College Transfer
Aaron Vandegrift, College Transfer
Joshua Voris, College Transfer
Tanner Whitman, Associate Degree Nursing
Cameron Wood, Welding Technology

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