Young female graduate smiling

Blue Ridge Community College hosts its Fall 2021 Commencement

In honor of its Fall 2021 graduates, Blue Ridge Community College hosted an in-person graduation commencement ceremony on Dec. 17.

At the start of the ceremony, Blue Ridge President Dr. Laura Leatherwood provided opening remarks and all students’ names were read aloud.

Leatherwood stated, “I am honored to be here with you as you conclude this chapter in your lives. You’ve gained the tools and the know-how to make things happen. You’ve shown the determination to achieve. Now, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. You did the hard work and now you will have the credentials to prove it.”


The list of student graduates included:

Brandon Steven Mayer, Automotive Systems Technology

Buncombe County
Christopher Robert Adams, College Transfer
Larry Reviere Baer, III, College Transfer
Anna Tiree Campbell, College Transfer
Summer Langford Dodd, Information Technology—System Support
Brooke Cheyenne Hayes, Early Childhood Education—Administration
Caesy Abigail Hernandez, College Transfer
Sydney Carol Interlicchia, Emergency Medical Science
Jenna Caroline Phillips, College Transfer
Ian Daniel Renegar, College Transfer
Tedi Elle Rollins, Visual Arts
Tarah Rashia Singh, General Occupational Technology

Cabarrus County
Brandon Jackson, Simulation & Game Development

Cumberland County
Ingrid Ellita Beckford, Early Childhood Education—Career Entry

Haywood County
Jeremy Holmes Landt, Fire Protection Technology
Cody Marvin Parton, Fire Protection Technology

Henderson County
Christian Anthony Anderson, College Transfer
Brooke Arnott, College Transfer
Christiaan Melody Ballard, College Transfer
Annastasia L. Barres, College Transfer
Lacrecia Nicola Bennett, Business Administration—Marketing & Retailing
Timothy Paul Bennison, Welding Technology
Chase Lee Blanken, College Transfer
Timothy Ryan Bousson, Welding Technology
Sage Adair Bradley, Cosmetology
Jacob Isaiah Brandyburg, College Transfer
Mckenzie Lynne’ Brinkley, Teacher Preparation
Richard Charles Brown, College Transfer
Kiana Mirza Browne, College Transfer
Jessica Grace Buchanan, Business Administration
Kalee Ann Budro, College Transfer
Manuel Garcia Calihua, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Eduardo Calvillo Molina, Welding Technology
Gabriel Calvillo Molina, Electronics Engineering Technology—Basic Electronics & Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Basic Technician
Xochitl Carrillo, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Kimberly Bianca Casas, College Transfer
Janet Casperson, Associate in General Education
Angel Jose Castillo, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Christopher Charles Causby, Criminal Justice Technology
Logan A. Clouse, College Transfer
Carrie Ryan Coggins, Criminal Justice Technology
Landon Clarke Coley, College Transfer
Dylan Langford Combs, College Transfer
Ivania Maria Convento, College Transfer
Paralee Sue Cox, Surgical Technology
Morgan Cole Davis, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Christopher Worth Dublynn, Information Technology—Support & Services
Hannah Margaret Dwyer, Cosmetology
Rosa Alicia Eberhardt, College Transfer
Lindsey Nicole Edwards, College Transfer
Kinsley Ashton Evans, Cosmetology
Isaac Michael Ford, College Transfer
Magda Anahi Garza, College Transfer
Levi Villarreal Gilbert, Automotive Systems Technology
Mason Randall Green, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Lee James Guidry, Emergency Medical Science
Bradley Dwain Hale, Business Administration
Jeremiah George Hansen, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Patrick Sean Harrison, College Transfer
Brenda Ruiz Hernandez, College Transfer
Helena Hernandez-Tinoco, Accounting & Finance
Alan Lowry Hobbs, College Transfer
Daniel Kenneth Lee Houck, Emergency Medical Science
Martin D-Sean Hunter, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Hope Erin Jackson, Interpreter Education
Tracy Elizabeth Jacobs, Cosmetology
Laura Kathryn Joslin, College Transfer
Sydney Reese Justice, College Transfer
Rachel Victoria Kelley, College Transfer
Robert Darren Kelly, Mechanical Engineering Technology & Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Peter Jacob Keyser, Welding Technology
Chelsey Breanna Kilpatrick, Cosmetology
Anna-Nicole Evelyn Leckie, Cosmetology
Kaitlyn Hart Ledbetter, Teacher Preparation
Kathleen Elizabeth Martin, College Transfer
Chelsey Martinez-Maya, College Transfer
Kelly Kathleen McArdle, College Transfer
Michelle Nichole Meade, Early Childhood Education—Preschool
Giovanni Melendez, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Jasmine Marisol Mendoza Garcia, College Transfer
Emily Grace Mertz, College Transfer
Emily Morgan Messer, Surgical Technology
Klairice Annette Milanese, Accounting & Finance
Cristina Daniela Nieto-Lopez, Early Childhood Education—Administration & Early Childhood Education—Preschool
James August Nitsche, Criminal Justice Technology
Madison Diane Owens, College Transfer
Jarod Gregory Pace, Information Technology—Support & Services
Hannah Nicole Pace-Harris, College Transfer
Marissa Diane Pack, Cosmetology
Ashley McGraw Parks, Accounting & Finance—Bookkeeping I
Christopher James Peavy, Automotive Systems Technology
Ruth Madai Portela Cupido, College Transfer
Aris Rain Quijosa, College Transfer
Peyton Nicole Raasch, College Transfer
Nicolette Alexandra Redden, College Transfer
Holly Monique Riggins, Cosmetology
Mikayla Ann Marie Ritter, Accounting & Finance—Payroll
Christian Antonio Robles, College Transfer
Jack Tucker Saxon, College Transfer
Casey Ray Silvers, General Occupational Technology
Taylor Stephen Snyder, Fire Protection Technology
John Micah Sparks, College Transfer
Emily Rose Stafford, Office Administration—Medical Office
Claire Evelyn Stansberry, College Transfer
Serena Elia Thomas, College Transfer
Kassia Hannele Tuura, College Transfer
Gracie M. Tyler, College Transfer
Luis Antonio Uriostegui, Mechatronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship
Angeles Dela Can de laria Vazquez-Coeto, Community Spanish Interpreter
Veraely Villa, Early Childhood Education—Infant & Toddler
Isabel Daniell Walton-Mellard, Business Administration—Graphic Design
Kathryn Elizabeth Wilson, Film & Video Production Technology
Samantha Lee Workman, Cosmetology
Michael Hunter Wrenn, College Transfer
Caleb Lorenzo Wright, College Transfer
Zoya Kate Zalevskiy, College Transfer
Jessenia Zamudio-Rico, Accounting & Finance
Jennifer Zaragoza-Solano, College Transfer

Jackson County
Robert B. McKinnon, Welding Technology—Basic Welding
Faith Lenore Potts, Interpreter Education

Polk County
Gene Benjamin Dimsdale, Automotive Systems Technology
Angela Haven Dufford, Surgical Technology
Randi Nicole Frizzell, Accounting & Finance
Curtis Austin Kempton, Accounting & Finance
Blake Alexander Rackley, Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology
Christopher Michael Wing, College Transfer

Rutherford County
Jordan Alexander Chapman, Criminal Justice Technology
Travis Justin Hill, Fire Protection Technology

Transylvania County
Joshua L. Chandler, College Transfer
Tristan B. Chappell, Teacher Preparation
Audrey Van Lear Chase, College Transfer
Alex Arthur Eberhardt, College Transfer
Blakely Owen Garber, Cosmetology
Carrie Ann-Marie Gasperson, Business Administration—Marketing & Retailing
Alina Suzanne Dorothy Kupras, Accounting & Finance—Bookkeeping I
Peyton Skylar McCall, College Transfer
Conner Allen Newman, Criminal Justice Technology
Dylan Tully O’Neill, College Transfer
Ryulee Ihwhe Park, College Transfer
Aubrie Nichole Pressley, College Transfer
Jeffrey Blake Rogers, Computer—Integrated Machining
Lacie Victoria Rose, Horticulture Technology
Gavyn Lee Rutledge, Welding Technology
Nancy Fraser Shuman, Horticulture Technology
Benjamin M. Skinner, College Transfer
Kelsy Nichole Smith, College Transfer
Rebecca M. Wilson, Welding Technology—Basic Welding

Yancey County
Celeste Garcia Nieto, Business Administration—Banking & Finance & Business Administration—Business Apprenticeship
Jonah Benjamin Lee Riddle, Fire Protection Technology

A link to the graduation ceremony video is now available on the College’s website at