Advanced Manufacturing instructor Jason Baxley conducts a lesson on machining in Blue Ridge Community College's Spearman Building.

Boost Your Career with Short-Term Training

Feature Photo: Advanced Manufacturing instructor Jason Baxley conducts a lesson on machining in Blue Ridge Community College’s Spearman Building. Photo by Rich Keen.

Looking to boost or change your career as quickly as possible? Blue Ridge Community College’s short-term training programs offer multiple opportunities for pivoting quickly and inexpensively.

In fact, many of these short-term training programs can be completed in just six months or less, and they include careers in high-demand fields like public safety, healthcare, skilled trades and advanced manufacturing. These fields boost earning potential, career opportunities and ensure job security.

Here are some of the careers available through Blue Ridge’s Short-Term Training pathways. A full list is available at

Public safety careers

You can train to become a police officer or firefighter in six months or an emergency medical technician (EMT) in only two to three months.

Healthcare careers

If you’re looking to go into healthcare, you can complete training for one of the following careers in two to three months: behavioral health technician, dialysis technician, electrocardiogram (EKG) technician, healthcare billing and coding professional, phlebotomist or home care aide.

If you have four to six months to train, you can become a medical assistant or nurse aide.

Skilled trades careers

In only two to three months, you can complete one of the following programs: residential electrical, plumbing, masonry, or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Advanced manufacturing careers

If you’re interested in the high-tech and booming field of advanced manufacturing, you can complete training for welding, machining fundamentals and industrial maintenance in four to six months.

Even better, Blue Ridge has more than 60 certifications that can be earned in less than a month. The programs prepare students for successful careers in business, construction, food safety, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, real estate, transportation and many more.

Blue Ridge also created these training opportunities to be “stackable.” In other words, a student can earn a certificate in a month or less and then put their knowledge to work on the job or during their career search. If at a later date that student wants to return to Blue Ridge to earn more credentials in that field, many are designed to give them a headstart on the next education goal.

If you’d like to advance your career, find a job you enjoy, or earn more, visit to learn more about Short-Term Training programs at Blue Ridge Community College.