Featured Photo: A sunny spring day outside Blue Ridge Community College's Sink Building. April 5, 2024. Photo by: Benjamin Rickert.

Student Government Elections to be Held this April at Blue Ridge Community College

Featured Photo: A sunny spring day outside Blue Ridge Community College’s Sink Building. April 5, 2024. Photo by: Benjamin Rickert.

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This April, Blue Ridge Community College’s Student Life and Wellness office will be holding elections for the 2024-25 Executive Board of the College’s Student Government Association (SGA). Election ballots will be sent to the student body on Monday, April 22, for completion by Friday, April 26. Students interested in serving and representing the student body through a role on the Executive Board must apply by Friday, April 12. 

“Your voice matters, and being part of the student government provides a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on Blue Ridge’s community,” said Shae Thomas, current SGA president. “By joining student government, you can actively contribute to shaping the policies, events and initiatives that directly affect your fellow students. It is a platform where you can advocate for the issues that matter to you and endorse the interests of your peers.”

To run for election, candidates will need to complete the Application For Candidacy by April 12. The application includes a faculty recommendation, a short essay, 25 student signatures of endorsement and a brief interview on either April 11 or 12. By fulfilling officer responsibilities, SGA officers can earn $1,000 at the end of each semester.

Successful applicants will be encouraged to campaign from April 15 – 19, with campaign funding provided by the Office of Student Life and Wellness. After elections are complete, the new officials will sign a contract, attend a swearing-in ceremony and be announced to the community.

Thomas encouraged her fellow students to take the first step toward leadership by applying to be an SGA candidate.

“Embrace the opportunity to be the change you wish to see in Blue Ridge,” she said.

Potential candidates are invited to attend one of two information sessions on Monday, April 8, at 12:00 p.m. and Tuesday, April 9, at 2:30 p.m. The events will be held in the President’s Dining Room of the Killian Building on the Henderson County Campus.

Officers and Roles

Throughout the year, SGA officers experience numerous leadership and professional development opportunities. They give student tours, organize Student Life events and meetings, draft legislation to improve the campus for students and hold office hours each week.

There are currently three SGA offices, including president, vice president and secretary.

The president is the head of the SGA organization and serves as the student representative to college leadership and community partners. Responsibilities include leading monthly SGA meetings and serving as a non-voting member of Blue Ridge Community College’s President’s Council and Board of Trustees.

The vice president is responsible for serving as the chief of staff of student leadership. Working closely with the coordinator of Student Life and Wellness, weekly duties consist of project management on Student Life events and initiatives. The vice president will also serve as the Executive Board’s parliamentarian, serving as an authority of proper meeting decorum and structure.

The secretary keeps records for the SGA organization. Weekly duties consist of generating meeting agendas, drafting minutes and maintaining the SGA Constitution.

Blue Ridge’s current SGA officers include President Shae Thomas, Vice President Joel Santos-Castillo and Secretary Hannah Lee.

Learn about the Student Government Association on the Blue Ridge website.