a student discusses his design process while referencing a schematic on a projection screen at the front of a classroom

What it’s about

The Uniform Articulation Agreement allows students to enroll in the Associate in Engineering Program at Blue Ridge Community College and have the opportunity to transfer seamlessly to one of the University of North Carolina engineering programs.

The agreement outlines a pathway that includes an Associate in Engineering degree designed specifically to meet the prerequisite requirements of the University of North Carolina engineering programs. Students who successfully complete this pathway will receive transfer credit for engineering prerequisite and general education courses at all of the University of North Carolina Bachelor of Science in Engineering programs, and Associate in Engineering graduates from Blue Ridge Community College may then apply to any of these programs without taking additional or duplicative courses.

The Associate in Engineering Program is a specialized college transfer degree for engineering majors and requires higher-level math courses as well as other general education and pre-major courses designed to prepare students to enter universities as juniors.

Which Engineering Program Should I Choose?

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