Three people standing beside a door

NCWorks Opens its New Door

By Michele Handy

The NCWorks door is open to students and community members seeking employment.

The NCWorks office, which has a new entrance beside the College’s new classroom, is open to assist “those looking for full or part time employment, those looking to change careers, and those looking for training or looking to get back in the workforce,” says Jason Chappell, Director of the Transylvania County NCWorks Career Center.

Community members are welcome, during business hours Monday through Friday, to walk into the office, which is located on the campus of Blue Ridge Community College in Transylvania County; they can also call 883-2550, or connect via

Chappell explains. “Your NCWorks career center never closed during the pandemic and continues to operate to meet your needs.”

Daniel Harris, customer service assistant at NCWorks, tells community members what to expect when they visit NCWorks for the first time: “We identify what need brings the community member in, so we can direct them to the right services and resources. We welcome the opportunity to help people find gainful employment in our community.”

When layoffs or displacements occur, NCWorks is poised to help with retraining, upskilling, referrals, and offering other opportunities that are growing in this area.

There are funds available to support retraining and upskilling.

Chappell states, “We have a wide variety of resources available to pay for school or training: continuing education scholarships, Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) scholarships, and Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) training funds available. With scholarships and grants available, we can find one that will meet your needs and eligibility.”

Now is a great opportunity for a new career or employment opportunities in our region. Employers from all sectors are currently hiring and have immediate needs. NCWorks can connect the job seeker and employer customer with a wide variety of services, experienced staff, and resources for new careers.

“The College’s new classroom will allow students more opportunity to take training and classes. With our brand new entrance, we want to open our door to the community to showcase all of our services and opportunities,” states Chappell.