Mission Acceleration attendees in a group, smiling

Mission Acceleration Business Accelerator Launches 2023 Registration

Featured photo: Graduates of the previous Mission Acceleration Business Accelerator program pose together during their final session on June 1, 2022. From left: Gary Heisey, Mission Acceleration Executive Director; Terry Young; Kelly Noble; Brenda Valenti; Betty Baker; Bill Atkission; Jesus Romero; Tanya Fletcher; and Josh Goldbach. Hiram Wells is not pictured. (Blue Ridge Community College)

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HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – Registration is now open for the 2023 Mission Acceleration Business Accelerator program at Blue Ridge Community College.
For the fifth consecutive year, Blue Ridge and the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce have partnered to offer the Mission Acceleration Business Accelerator: a five-month, ten-session program for business owners to innovate and improve their businesses. 
Led by the program’s Executive Director Gary Heisey, participants learn from local entrepreneurs and experts in management, leadership, insurance, purchasing, branding, sales, customer service, distribution and finance.
Over the course of ten sessions, these local leaders provide proven business strategies related to the service, tourism, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, real estate, construction, professional and education sectors.
Each year, ten companies are selected to participate in the program. To determine if the program may be right for a company, the program director created a Business Success Self-Test, available at blueridge.edu/ce/mission-acceleration.
Kelly Noble, co-owner of Noble Pest Solutions, saw direct results following her participation in the 2022 Mission Acceleration Business Accelerator Program.
“If you’re a business owner and are looking to take your business to the next level, then the Mission Acceleration class is perfect for you,” she said.
Registration is open through December 17, 2022, and ten companies will be selected. The registration fee is $295. Classes begin on January 18 and end May 24.
For more information – including meeting dates, topics, and an application – visit blueridge.edu/ce/mission-acceleration, or call (828) 694-1779.